Who said Australian Cricket had nothing to say?

Who said Australian Cricket had nothing to say?

We had a lot of fun reviewing this BBC documentary, which traces in 143 minutes the history of the emancipation of a country by the prism of Cricket.

We find all the heroes and techniques of a team that has imposed on the world a virile Cricket, offensive… 200% “aussie”!

Find the incredible fates of Don Bradman, Bill O’Reilly, Keith Miller, Ray Lindwall and everyone else.

“Everyone is saying how Australia isn’t the best and the world and everything. The matter of the fact is that while every team has been jumping up and down all over the world rankings over the past 40 years Australia except for in like 2010 and early 1990’s have consistently been at the top!”

Tim Macfarlane, Aussie and Coach at the GRYCC



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